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Fittrack DARA Smart Scale

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How Does Fittrack Dara Work? 

When standing on the FitTrack scale, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet. The electrical signal passes quickly through water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. This resistance is measured and input into scientifically validated FitTrack equations to calculate body composition measurements.

Accurate Results You Can Count On

Reach Fitness Goals 8x Faster

Understand different body metrics that can be improved on

See progress being made beyond simply weight being lost

Measure 17 different vital body health metrics

+/- 3% as accurate as a medical DEXA (x-ray) body fat percentage scan

The most accurate body composition scale in its class 

How accurate is the FitTrack Scale?

Independent research studies have shown FitTrack consistently measures +/-3% off from the DEXA scan, the Gold Standard, in measurement. This accuracy makes it the most accurate smart scale available today.