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Join The Redge community and become an ATHLETE!

Our community lets us connect with our Insiders - including some of our most influential customers and supporters. Your honest reviews and recommendations will earn your friends and followers discounts, help them choose the right products for their fitness, and earn you money in the bank!


Click the link below to login to our portal and view sales generated through your link and redeem gifts plus commission

Exclusive Athlete-Only Access

Our product line is growing and we are creating lots of exciting launches throughout the year. As an Athlete, you'll have access to new product launches weeks before it's announced, including any gift with purchase or additional launch promos.In addition, our team curates special content just for The Athletes and exclusive giveaways that aren't open to the public to reward you for being part of our community.

Earn Commissions

Once you're approved and all set to be registered as a Redge Athlete, you will receive a custom affiliate code & link that will give your friends/followers a discount on their order while you earn a commission of all sales made through your link. 

Help others find the best products that work for them by sharing your honest feedback and recommendations while connecting with others that share your similar fitness type and goals.

Brand Perks and Behind-The-Scenes Content

Enjoy perks like exclusive access to our Portable gym and the chance to model in our campaign photoshoots. We're bringing this to our Athletes so you can really feel at home in this community. 

The Redge Athlete Program isn't just a community but it's an extension of our team! You'll get an inside look on how we run the brand and be brought along as part of this exciting journey.

Ready to become a Redge Athlete?

If you're a fitness enthusiast who's passionate about sharing the latest in fitness freedom with your friends and audience, apply to be an athelte! You'll have first access to new product launches, exclusive Redge events (virtual, for now!) and the opportunity to earn cash.

Due to high demand, your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis!