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Article: Why Every Home Should Have a Massage Gun

Why Every Home Should Have a Massage Gun

Why Every Home Should Have a Massage Gun

If you’re a homeowner or even if you simply rent out a room in an apartment, you likely own the necessities and essentials involved with maintaining a living space; a vacuum, trash bin, and stove all come to mind as a few common essentials that most don’t live without…

Why, then, do we often neglect our bodies with which we inhabit 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, failing to invest in tools that optimize our health and wellness, and ultimately our living experience?!

For those who are seeking to prioritize their health and wellness, however, you’re likely eager to learn about some of the most optimal health, performance, and recovery tools to invest in and incorporate into your daily regimen.

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In what follows, we’ll be detailing why we believe that every home should have a massage gun present and at their disposal! While it might seem like a trivial and unnecessary purchase to some, those who have experienced its benefits understand its value…

Reasons Why You Should Have a Massage Gun

Because of the saturation of products on the market today, particularly in the health, fitness, and wellness space, many hold reservations about the effectiveness, efficacy, and necessity or lack thereof of many of these products being pushed to market.

Unfortunately, massage guns are often classified as one of the products that many hold in question…

While it’s certainly justified for consumers to hold such reservations, as there’s no question about the lack of efficacy of many of the products being marketed today, massage guns don’t belong in this category, and should, in fact, be used as an example of one of the few efficacious and necessary performance and recovery tools available to us.

With that said, below are four primary reasons why YOU should consider investing in a massage gun and why it isn’t, in fact, a product that should be perceived with reservation or uncertainty…

It's Convenient

Unlike traditional massage therapy sessions that require booking appointments a month in advance, only to arrive at the time and discover that it’s not the most convenient time for you during that given day, massage guns are there at your disposable wherever and whenever you need it.

Not to mention, a traditional massage therapy appointment typically lasts 60-90 minutes in duration. While it might feel great and relaxing at the moment, it’s ultimately 60-90 minutes that you won’t get back. Massage guns, on the other hand, only require 5-15 minutes of use to acquire the same or better stimulus!

If that’s not convenient, we don’t know what is…

It's Affordable

Depending on the brand of massage gun that you opt to purchase, it may seem like a sizeable upfront investment, ranging anywhere from a mere $90 to a whopping $1000. Notably, there’s hardly ever a reason to invest $1000 for a massage gun as you can likely receive just as good of a product for half the price…

In any case, the difference is that its use case is long-lasting and widespread whilst a traditional massage therapy session is a “once every so often” use case. What do we mean by this?

In short, a one-time fixed price that provides the user with the ability to achieve a massage as many times as they want for as long as they want is a much greater value than having to pay a sizeable booking fee for a singular session, only to have to pay that same rate each and every session thereafter. In the long run, the former is a much more affordable option…

It's Effective

For those who are still on the fence about a massage gun’s effectiveness, allow this to be your wake-up call! Unlike traditional massage therapy sessions that are manually executed by hand for 60-90 minutes at a time, percussion massage guns 10x the rate at which a trigger point is targeted and massaged, making for both a more timely AND effective massage session.

In addition to its sheer rate of percussion, massage guns boast the same health and wellness benefits as a traditional massage therapy regimen, ranging from released tension, reduced stress, and improved mood, to reduced pain and soreness, and reduction in injury risk, and improved athletic performance.

If anyone tells you differently, they’ve likely never experienced a massage gun in the first place, only regurgitating much of what traditionalists seem to be spewing online… For those who have had first-hand experiences with massage guns, however, and who understand the science behind its efforts, its effectiveness comes as no surprise…

It's Efficient

Comparative to their convenience, massage guns are also extremely efficient, achieving twice the result in a fraction of the time of that of a traditional one-time massage therapy session.

Whether you’re an on-the-go parent, a busy professional, or an elite athlete with intense training obligations, massage guns are the perfect implement. Simply toss it in your bag or keep it at home where you’ll have easy access to it at your discretion, and you immediately have your very-own massage therapist in your back pocket, literally AND figuratively!

Get Your Massage Gun Today! 

With so many massage guns on the market today, it can be difficult to trust which ones are of the highest quality and which ones aren’t… Similarly, with such a large variation in the price of such a recovery tool, it can be difficult to know which gun to opt for.

That’s why here at Redge Fit have decided to create, manufacture, and distribute our very own percussion massage gun device! Not only so that our consumers can trust that it’s a great product but because we believe so much in its purpose and use-case for those looking to optimize their health and wellness, and improve recovery & performance.

With that said, be sure to stay tuned, as the release date is coming soon! For now, don’t hesitate to check out our entire line of fitness products and equipment. Click here to shop now!


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