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Article: The Role of Massage Therapy in a Healthy Lifestyle

The Role of Massage Therapy in a Healthy Lifestyle

The Role of Massage Therapy in a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you’re in need of physical rehabilitation, seeking to relieve stiffness and soreness, or simply looking to be proactive with preventing injury and feeling your best each day, you might consider massage therapy as a primary mechanism of recovery.

If so, you’ve got the right idea!

Not only is massage therapy an incredible way to relieve and help heal physical ailments but it’s also an incredible tool for releasing mental tension, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting a sense of calm and preparedness.

So, while the necessity for it largely depends on the circumstance of the individual, massage therapy shouldn’t only be reserved for the injured nor only the most elite of athletes. Instead, massage therapy should be a regular implement in the lives of everyone, not only for treatment but for prevention and pleasure too!

With that said, in what follows, we’ll be detailing what massage therapy is, what its many benefits are, what its many modalities are of achievement, and ultimately, what its role is in living a healthy lifestyle.


Massage Theraphy

Though there are several types of massages, and while it can be accomplished via several modalities, whether a licensed masseuse, massage gun, or otherwise, the umbrella definition largely remains the same…

In short, massage therapy is a manual physical therapy and a notable holistic health and wellness profession aimed at promoting, maintaining, and restoring physical health via manipulation techniques targeting the body’s soft tissues.

Though sharing similar goals, not all massage therapy is created equal… Instead, depending on the type that you pursue and the reason for its execution, massage therapy may be more or less effective, and more or less imperative to remain consistent.

In any case, some of the most popular types of massage therapy include but are certainly not limited to deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, Swedish massage, and sports massage just to name a few.

The Benefits of Massage Theraphy

Again, whether you’re an elite athlete or regular Joe looking to improve the health and wealth of your body and mind, massage therapy is an incredibly beneficial implement.

Proven effective in a variety of circumstances, both preventative and reactive, massage therapy continues to be a primary prescription for many physical and even mental ailments.

With that said, the following are the many physical benefits that you can come to expect from implementing massage therapy on a regular basis, whether via traditional massage therapy tech-niques or using a percussion massage gun device: 

  • Management of Physical Pain and Discomfort
  • Relief from Muscle Soreness and Stiffness
  • Release of Physical Tension and Inflammation
  • Prevention and/or Treatment of Injury
  • Promotion of Blood Flow and Circulation
  • Improved Range of Motion, Flexibility, and Mobility
  • Accelerated Recovery

Withstanding the evident physical benefits, massage therapy has also been shown to promote mental health and wellness on a variety of levels. The following are some of the most prevalent mental benefits that you can come to expect:

  • Symptom Relief from Depression and Anxiety
  • Promotion of Calmness and Contentment
  • Stress Relief
  • Improved Sleep and Relaxation
  • Naturally Increases Serotonin and Dopamine

As you can tell, massage thetrapy in any capacity is incredibly beneficial on several fronts, both mental and physical. If you didn’t know we were describing massage therapy, you’d think we were describing a miracle drug! 

The Role of Massage Therapy in a Healthy Lifestyle 

If you haven’t yet gathered, massage therapy boasts an abundance of health and wellness bene-fits, spanning across populations whether you’re an elder, elite athlete, or average Joe/Jane look-ing to improve their health.

Its role(s), then, should be quite evident…

To truly gain an understanding of its role, however, it’s important to uncover what truly entails a healthy lifestyle. Contrary to how many define it, a healthy lifestyle is much more than exercising and dieting (though they are two major components).

Withstanding the necessity for exercising regularly and following a healthy diet, living a healthy lifestyle also requires you to understand how much turmoil your body goes through on a daily basis.

Failure to recognize this is ultimately a failure to act on recovery in a proactive fashion…

Similarly, it requires you to understand that the body and mind are connected. In other words, when the mind is full of tension, so too is the body, and when the body is full of tension, so too is the mind.

The implication? A healthy lifestyle  entails several pillars, inclusive of exercise and movement, diet and nutrition, sleep, hydration, recovery, and relaxation. As you can likely guess where we’re going with this, massage therapy has several connections to each of the aforementioned pillars, hence, proving itself to play a crucial role in living an overall healthy lifestyle!

A Final Word

While massage therapy can become quite expensive, especially if you lack health insurance, it remains to be recommended as a vital implement to one’s healthy lifestyle…

The good news is that there’s a new and innovative alternative to traditional massage therapy that ultimately allows individuals to receive the same or similar stimulus at a fraction of the cost, whenever they want wherever they want! 

That alternative? A percussion massage gun!

Simply put, a massage gun is a handheld device that vibrates to simulate a traditional trigger point massage therapy session. While it boasts many benefits inclusive of cost and convenience, its primary benefit is the fact that it, as mentioned, allows users to accomplish an effective self-administered massage session whenever they want, wherever they want!

Notably, we here at Redge Fit are releasing our very own percussion massage gun device so that YOU can do away with expensive and timely massage therapy sessions and instead self-apply a massage whenever you see fit!

Stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, be sure to visit our website to shop all of our other amazing fitness products


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