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This Small Company Challenged the Fitness Industry With a Product that Took Instagram by Storm & Sold out 8 Times in a Row.

Redge 180lbs Portable Gym Machine will allow you to do 100's of workouts from the comfort your choosing. Their app is your personal coach which has custom video workout programs and mealplans tailored to your goals. No more expensive gym memberships and long commutes to the gym.


The health fitness industry giants were missing something

For decades, the fitness industry giants tirelessly formulated big box gyms, expensive home gym machines and treadmills to improve peoples physical health. However, in their quest for health perfection, they inadvertently overlooked a critical aspect of exercising consistently – the impact of commuting to gym, HIGH prices and slow results.

Our fitness and health is highly depended on the Convenience, Time, Financial resources, Motivation and Accountability.

While various options have been explored, such as treadmills, expensive mirror workout machines, personal training studios and several types of classes, many of these efforts fell short of delivering consistent results and ensuing people actually workout and exercise.

It seemed that the big fitness brands pushed the same far away gyms and expensive machines to customers.

Enter a new era of physical fitness that recognizes the importance of every aspect of your health and takes your fitness on another level.

This Portable Gym Machine is an all-in-one fitness method powered by resistance technology to sculpt and strengthen. It goes upto 180lbs and allows over a 100 different workouts with just one machine

Gym-goers are raving about the results: Lily: "I loves this my RedgeFit! It's so easy to use, and convenient, makes working out time a joy."

Loved by 104,903+ Happy Customers

Rufus: 20 weeks

Started around 258lbs. Ordered Redgefit and i'm now down to 215! Turst me I am a truck driver so this is big!

Elana: 12 weeeks

Have been using this for two months now, a much better and more versatile work out than free weights, especially if you have limited space.

Barron: 8 weeks

Month difference. Redgefit has me feeling like. I can accomplish anything. Still a long way but cant give up now!

Brittany: 2 weeks

Working with Redgefit guys since last year and have lost 25lbs!! Their training programs on the Redge app are awesome. Literally the best home gym out there.

Over 100 Exercise Variety

With the versatility of RedgeFit, you can create a diverse workout routine that incorporates a combination of exercises to target different muscle groups, improve overall strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Over 100 workouts such as squats, hip thrusts, shoulder press, chest flies can be performed with just this one machine

REDGE Training APP

Redge APP is a world class training app that contains 100's of workout videos using the Redge Gym Machine. You can follow our renowned trainers who have developed custom video workout programs to help you through your fitness journey. Also has custom meal plans tailored to your weight goals designed by our special Nutritionist, Dr. Zakria Harris.

Budget & Space Friendly

For a limited time, you can enjoy a discount of 70% on this fantastic gym machines. Its popularity is soaring, having been sold out multiple times due to high demand from happy parents. This machine packs over 180lb of weight in just this small package.

Join the community of satisfied fitness enthusiast who've discovered the ease and comfort of exercising with this innovative portable gym machine. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help save hefty monthly membership fees or personal trainers that waste your time and never yield results.

For a limited time you can save 70% OFF when you purchase a RedgeFit.

People love this Gym Machine so much... It sold out 7 times in a row!

Upon releasing the Redge Gym Machine, our team was astonished by the overwhelming response. Exceeding our expectations, over 100,000 fitness lovers across 60 countries swiftly ordered more than 175,000 machines in total. Due to this incredible demand and numerous requests pouring in, we've decided to offer the machine at an unbeatable price of $89.99 + an extra 10% off. While this special offer delights our loyal supporters, it's also anticipated to lead to the rapid sell-out of our current (8th) batch. Notably, RedgeFit's reputation has spread like wildfire, capturing the hearts of influencers, bloggers, and journalists alike, amplifying the love for our brand among individuals worldwide.

How RedgeFit is changing the health & fitness game

RedgeFit tackles your health by making sure you have no excuse to not workout and exercise. That is probably why customers can't get enough of it!

  Redge Gym Machine Other Home Gyms Traditional Big Box Gym
No commute required

Take your gym with you anywhere.TM

Redge comes with free travel bag. The whole gym only weighs 3.5lbs so you can easily put it in your suit case and take it with you anywhere.3 If your teeth ever need a touch-up – during, or at any point after, treatment – we’ll make it right, at no cost to you.

Cost $89.99
or less than $22.99/month
Average $6000 Average $2000/year
Over 180lb in resistance  
24/7 access

24/7 access to community, workouts and equipment

No wait to use equipment  
Access to Wokout Tutorials (Via App)

Workout Tutorials in the app

Over 100 workout videos with voice instructions for each body part.

Hidden Costs

Start up fees, Trainer Fess etc. 1 (from gyms to consumer)

Other home gyms and regular gyms charge start up fees, or fees to buy extra attachements and many other costs and fees. At Redge, we give you the whole package together right up front.

No markup 3x 5x
Financing with $0 interest

Financing with 100% approval:

Financing is guaranteed for less than $3/day2, with no credit checks or paperwork to fill out.

Yes, less than $22.5/mo    
Chances of injury

Injuries due to lifting heavy or use of machines5

You can hurt your joints, body or or face when going to regualr gyms and using heavy equipment. With Redge, there is a limited hcance of joint pain or any hurt as we are using resistance bands wihc are known to cause less harm.

2% 29% 50%
Shipping Costs/Time

Shipping costs and delivery times 5

Most home gyms take over 10 days to arrive and have hefty shipping costs due to them being heavy and bulky.1

Free, 3 days $100+, 10 days  
30-Day Money-Back Promise

Money-back promise

Within the first 30 days of purchase, if you’re not happy for any reason, you can return your gym machine at anytime.

100% Sanitary  

Can this Gym Machine actually help achieve my fitness goals?

This Gym Machine set isn't just about convenience—it's your all-in-one fitness companion, designed to revolutionize your home workout experience. With its compact yet versatile design, RedgeFit offers a comprehensive range of exercises to target every muscle group and fitness goal.

Crafted with premium materials for durability and performance, RedgeFit ensures a safe and effective workout every time. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, its adjustable resistance and customizable settings cater to your individual needs.

Say goodbye to crowded gyms and hello to convenient, 24/7 access to a world-class workout. Transform your home into a fitness haven with RedgeFit and unleash your full potential today!

Here are some of our favourite workouts.

100's of workouts with Redge

Back Pull Down

Upright Row

Hip Thrusts

Kick Backs

Shoulder Press

Chest Press

Bicep Curls

Good Morning


Shoulder Flies

Get it while you still can!

The 8th Batch of the Redge Portable Gym Machine has been released and the word is out in the fitness community. People are spreading the news about the limited offer and stock has become limited.

Take advantage of the promotion they are having and order your portable gym machine today for only $89.99, it's time to put your health first.

Portable Gym Machine

For a limited time you can save 70% OFF when you purchase a RedgeFit.