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Full Body Starter Pack

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Redge Portable Gym Machine + Fabric Resistance Bands +  Sweat Belt + AB Roller Pro

Get a personalized home gym pack that will cover all your needs from any where in the world. The Redge Gym Machine will provide you a weighted workout from anytime anywhere. 

  • Reach Fitness Goals 10x Faster
  • Workout From Anywhere in The World 
  • Strengthen Your Full Body  
  • Become Master of Your Fitness Journey 
  • Eliminate Every Excuse to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
What does this bundle include:
  • Redge Portable Gym Machine
  • Set of 3 Fabric Resistance Bands 
  • Sweat Belt
  • AB Roller Pro
What is Redge Portable Gym Machine:

Redge Portable All-in-one Gym Machine is a retractable bodybuilding bar fitted with durable adjustable resistance bands attached at both ends. 

  • Each band provides 30Lb of resistance 
  • 8 Bands provide a total of 240Lb of resistance 
  • 6 Bands provide a total of 180Lb of resistance 
  • 4 Bands provide a total of 120Lb of resistance
    • It weighs only 3.5Lb and can fit in any backpack or travel pack
    • Length of bar is 40inches (can be split into half)
    • In short, it is a "Portable All-in-one Gym Machine"

     What is Redge AB Roller Pro:

    Redge Fit Rebound Ab Roller is an improved ab wheel roller that targets more muscles than the traditional one. 

    • Target Muscle: Core Muscle 
    • Non-slip rubber handle wide wheel that grips on any surface.
      • Wide wheel that grips on any surface.
      • Comfortable and effective to use
      What is Sweat Belt:

      The Redge Waist Shaper Instantly Shapes & Tones Your Physique, While Amping-Up Your Weight Loss Efforts Using The LATEST Innovations In Compression Technology. Combined With INTENSE SWEATING. 

      Size Chart:

      Size Waistline (Inches) Width (Inches)
      S 35.5 8.8
      M 39.5 8.8
      L 43.5 8.8
      XL 47 8.8
      XXL 51 8.8