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Article: The Best Tools for Muscle Recovery

The Best Tools for Muscle Recovery

The Best Tools for Muscle Recovery

With recovery at the top of the minds of many leisurely fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes alike, it comes as no surprise that the health, wellness, and performance recovery industry has been booming as of late.

With so many product releases happening seemingly on a monthly basis, it’s hard to keep up with the latest goings on…

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best recovery tools on the market so that you can be in the know of what’s available and what you might want to consider investing in in order to achieve optimal recovery and performance.

The 6 Best Recovery Tools

Whether you’re a recreational gym-goer, an elite athlete, or simply an individual with a labour-intensive career, it’s common and likely to feel stiff, sore, and worn out at the end of a long workout/day.

Too often, however, this feeling goes unnoticed, with many failing to pay any mind to why it's occurring and what can be done about it. For those interested in finding a solution, however, this article is for you.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on monthly massage appointments, physiotherapy sessions, and visits to the doctor for pain medication. Instead, by simply being proactive in your recovery, all can be avoided with the help of a few of the best recovery tools on the market.

With that said, below are the top 6 recovery tools you need to consider investing in so that you can optimize your recovery and improve your overall performance, both inside and outside the gym, ultimately feeling better to tackle all that life throws at you…

  1. Foam Roller
  2. Lacrosse Ball
  3. Compression Boots
  4. The PSO-Rite Psoas Release Tool
  5. Portable Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device
  6. Massage Gun

Foam Roller

If you’ve ever heard of trigger point therapy, the foam roller can help you accomplish the same or similar stimulus at a fraction of the cost; not to mention it’s portable and convenient, available for use whenever you want, wherever you want.

Though it might look obscure seeing someone roll their body up and down a seemingly foam-covered PVC pipe, foam rolling has proven to be an extremely effective method of recovery.

By applying pressure on a particular pain point of the body, you inevitably release the tension causing such soreness and inflammation. Consider it a 2-in-1 stretch-and-massage technique!

Lacrosse Ball

Boasting the exact same intention as a foam roller but with greater precision and accuracy in tar-geting a trigger point, a lacrosse ball has also proven to be an incredibly effective alternative to an otherwise expensive deep tissue massage session with a licensed therapist.

Unlike the foam roller which is typically used to cover larger muscle groups, the lacrosse ball spe-cializes in the feet, the pockets of the hip flexor, and the pockets of the shoulder girdle.

The best part? You can pick a handful of lacrosse balls up at your closest sporting goods store for just a few dollars!

Compression Sleeves 

For those with larger wallets willing to splurge on more innovative recovery technology, the compression boots are a likely consideration, especially for those who participate in long endurance events!

Providing users with a new and convenient way to experience compression therapy in the comfort of their own home, compression boots work to flush away unwanted lactic acid typically built up in sore and overused areas of the body.

Offered in various attachments including the legs, hips, arms, and shoulders, compression sleeves are your all-in-one recovery system; if you can afford it that is!

The PSO-Rite Psoas Release Tool

The PSO-Rite is undeniably painful at the sheer sight of its execution, however, it’s extremely effective nonetheless, with nothing like it on the market to date; an innovation in its own right…

What does it do, you ask? Simply put, it promotes manual trigger therapy, particularly on the psoas muscle, a traditionally impossible muscle to target prior to the PSO-Rite invention.

Under $100, this novel recovery tool invention is both effective and affordable, considered to be in the same genre as your standard foam roller…

Portable Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device

What was once only accessible in a doctor’s office or physiotherapy clinic is now used in homes across the world and on the go. As a portable muscle stimulation device, this recovery tool is great at masking temporary pain and triggering blood flow to the area that’s being stimulated.

The ultimate result? Greater recovery, reduced pain, and the elimination of bodily fatigue…

Massage Gun

Last but certainly not least is the percussion massage gun, undeniably the number one recovery device, found in the gym bags and lockers of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of health-conscious individuals across the globe.

How does it work, you ask?

By targeting a sore area of the body, whether it be the quad, hamstring, glute, hip flexor, calf, or shoulder blade, the massage gun seeks to break up built-up lactic acid, thus stimulating blood flow and reducing inflammation at the source.

Not to mention, it feels damn good while you’re doing it!

With an abundance of brands on the market today, however, it can be difficult to decipher the good from the bad, the knock-offs from the real thing, the high-quality from the low-quality…

Luckily, you won’t have to look any further, for we here at Redge Fit are releasing our very own massage gun, coming to a sore muscle near you soon! Stay tuned…

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