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Article: Life-Changing Morning Habits That Everyone Should Follow

Changing Morning Habits 8 steps to a better life

Life-Changing Morning Habits That Everyone Should Follow


Do you want to be productive throughout the day and take on the world with enthusiasm or do you want to be numb and inactive for the rest of the day? I know which one you’d prefer.

Unsurprisingly, how you spend the morning hours can change your entire day for the better – and luckily, it has less to do with when you wake up and more with what you do with the morning hours. In order to stay active and boost creativity in the day ahead, a positive morning routine is key.    

Sounds good and doable, right?



Let’s take a look at the simple yet powerful habits that can not only transform your day but lifelong creativity as well.

1.  Wake Up at The Same Time Every Work Day

First things first, wake up at the same time every day to reinforce the circadian rhythm and stimulate consistency in life. Research shows that an established morning routine starting from getting out of bed helps establish self-control.

Figure out a set time at which you need to get up to get the things done – including your exercise and meditation - and set the alarm at least 10-20 minutes before that. What’s more important is sticking to the schedule and straightaway, you’ll feel less stressed. Check out the below tips:

  • Put the alarm clock far away from the bed so as you’re not able to reach over and snooze it.
  • Force yourself out of the bed, no matter how tired you feel.
  • Make your bed.

2. Stay Disconnected from Social Media

Accept it or not, most of us scroll down the social media platforms even before getting out of bed. Checking your emails, Facebook, Twitter, or other messaging apps lets others’ opinions slide into your mind and more often than not, pollute your thinking. Your thoughts, ideas, and creativity is hijacked and that’s not how you should start off the day.  

Make a habit of not checking your notifications at least until you’re on the breakfast table or within the first 45 minutes of waking up. We acknowledge it’s easier said than done but you have to do it. Try keeping your smartphone in the other room to have a peaceful sleep as well as feel active in the morning. Checking your emails half an hour late won’t do any damage.

3. Practice Mindfulness

You would be amazed to learn how many successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, motivational speakers, and athletes start their day by practicing mindfulness. Dedicating just a few minutes all to yourself can be the change you need to bring creativity and perseverance into your life. It helps your self-reflect, overcome stress and anxiety, and achieve a positive outlook in life.

Whatever method or strategy you choose to practice mindfulness can vary. Embrace your feelings and adopt what suits you better. It can be:

  • Long and slow breathes for 5 minutes
  • Sitting quietly on a comfortable spot with your eyes closed
  • Download a specific meditation app to learn instructions from well-known teachers

4. Regular Exercise

Another morning habit of successful individuals is regular exercise. Aside from keeping you active and energetic, exercise stimulates creativity and positivity in your life. Research shows that physical activity helps release hormones in the brain that break up the monotony of sitting and working.   

Research shows that the early morning exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment, leading to creative insights. Remember that you don’t need an hour of intensive work out early in the morning. More important is your consistency in the first physical activity of the day. You can:

  • Have a walk, jog, or run in the park
  • Stretching and light weight lifting
  • Play a tennis match or any outdoor sports
  • Pushups and squats
  • Jumping jacks, and so on

5. Be Thankful for What You Have

Begin your day with a positive thought of appreciating all you have. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes to be thankful for everything you achieved and to reconnect with your purpose. Creativity is inextricably linked to mental peace and strong determination and your ability to continue working hard even when the going gets tough.

Expressing gratitude is a great way to achieve mental strength and tranquility. Here are a few tips for that:

  • Think of the people whom you love or who care for you
  • Think of your life achievements and your life goals
  • Savor your first beverage slowly and be thankful
  • Enjoy the peace and silence in the morning

6. Write Down a Motivational Paragraph

Many people begin their day by writing a few motivational sentences or jotting down the positive things in life. Life is often overwhelming and tough and it’s natural to ignore the blessing you have and feel discouraged at times.

Having a negative mindset each morning is antithetical to your creative and healthy life. Write at least two things you’re thankful for and I promise, it will change your entire outlook for the day ahead. It also helps find the little shreds of hope and happiness in otherwise the darkness of negativity.

7. Plan Your Morning the Night Before

Making a to-do list of your morning routine before hitting off to the bed is a great way to start your morning without wasting any time. Instead of thinking of what to do, you start doing things right away which frees up sufficient time for thinking creatively. Within a couple of weeks, you figure out a routine that best suits your lifestyle.  

They say, 10 minutes of night-time preparation is equal to saving 30 minutes of morning activity

8. Eat a Healthy Breakfast and Tidy Up

People who skip breakfast are likely to make poor choices in the long run. Take out enough time to cook and eat a nutritious breakfast every day and enjoy it with peace. 

Finally, clear the dishes and wear neat and tidy clothes, and head to your office.  


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